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The Easiest Way to Refill Your Prescriptions

Prescriptions refills are available through our FREE mobile app. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to register for an account and refill your prescriptions.

  1. Download "RxLocal" from the Apple App store or Google Play store

  2. Register for an account

  3. Select "South Carolina"

  4. Select "New Ellenton"

  5. Select "Hibbitts Drug Company"

  6. Enter your information and a prescription number of a refill prescription (pick one if you have multiple)

  7. Complete account creation

  8. Accept the terms (must scroll down to hit accept)

  9. Allow access to photos & location for superior services and accurate wait times

You now have a list of your prescriptions you can select to be refilled through the app!

Rx Local App
Andriod app on Google Play
Available on the Apple App Store
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